"Love, brought you to my life.
Make it beautiful as pretty as your smile" - Dineyyoong

Happy Birthday Ice Princess who has a beautiful warm heart!!
Always be kinder than you feel. Do more for the world than it does for you.
Wether people appreciate it or not, I do and God knows!!
I love you sis!!!

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Happy Birthday Maomao – View on Path.

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@jupppal eonnie„, yeppo!!!

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Lemme introduce, my gorgeous sissy„,
We didn’t share the same blood, genes, or room„
We’re totaly different„ all i know is we share the same heart in the same World, that’s enough!!
Love you Sis!!! ♥♥♥

Posted 3 days ago by dineyyoong

Cuteness overload!!!!
oohh!!!! #Taeyeon #tysone #cute

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I wish Indonesia have this….

Posted 2 weeks ago by dineyyoong

What happen with the whole universe„? This unnie @taeyeon_ss ranked 1st as pretty boy beauty„ last year it’s @svnnynight „, what’s wrong with your oppars???? Lol

Posted 3 weeks ago by dineyyoong

My new sounds:

My new sounds:


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